Coeur-Ensoleille's summer/100 followers little space giveaway!! To celebrate getting 100 followers (seems like a feat, as long as it took!) I wanted to do a cute giveaway. I won a giveaway not too long ago and it made my day! I wanted to do that for someone else too. :)


1. MUST be following me! I will check! Coeur-Ensoleille

2. MUST be 18 or older! I will check!

3. Must be comfortable giving me your know, so you can get your loot!

4. Ask box must be open so I can contact you.

5. Only reblogs count. You may re blog as many times as you like

6. Will ship anywhere :)

Winner will be chosen with random generator

CONTEST ENDS SUNDAY, AUGUST 31st AT 2PM EST. (I was going to do noon, but I like to sleep in….*yawn*)

Also, I will definitely be adding a few more things and will add pictures as I do. I am going to the naughty store this weekend with my friends and will most definitely put something naughty in. Also, I want to get some hair bows, my amazing friends at The Tiny Noodle make the cutest bows! Check them out and look forward to winning some! (bonus points if you follow them on instagram @TheTinyNoodle)


Hello Kitty clipboard with coloring sheets

"SHINE ON" mini velvet poster

Hello Kitty push pencils

Hello Kitty push crayon

Hello Kitty beach towel

Hello Kitty beach towel clips (or potato chip clips…whatever makes you happy.)

Hello Kitty beach ball

Hello Kitty headbands and hair ties

Rainbow Dash ear buds

Grow Your Own daisy kit

Five pack of pretty lighters

Princess wand (to wave at your Daddy and make him do stuffs…use at your own risk.)

Small Hello Kitty plastic container

GOOD LUCK! :D I am just as excited as you are!